VS-2000VH Electrodynamic Type Vibration Tester

VS-2000VH Electrodynamic Type Vibration Tester


Design Special support airbag design
Size 500*750*600
Warranty Free parts warranty for 12 months
Customization Available

According to different models with different forcerange, for detailed specifications, please email or call us.


The output shaft of the exciter is of light weight, strong rigidity, and the axial resonance frequency is more than 4000Hz, and the useless force is small. The highest G value can reach the upper limit.


Special support airbag design, bearing capacity, independent suspension system, anti-eccentric load capacity.


Exciter with dual magnetic circuit design, and with good body leakage isolation effect, can avoid interference with the test product.


Air spring and laminated rubber with double vibration isolation, have good vibration isolation effect, no need for installation of foundation.


Low-impedance & high-performance design, can improve machine efficiency and reduce power consumption costs, high reliability, low failure rate.


Use the computer online control, can achieve accurate control effect, and display the control curve of the function, the data input is stored immediately, with infinite memory space.


Various control conditions of the table can be monitored by the screen during operation, such as vibration frequency value, amplitude, speed and acceleration and time, and easy parameter setting.


This equipment can print the color test report, and can make the editing and the storage or the transmission.


Protection measures a total of 18 items, such as over-voltage, over-current, over temperature, over-displacement and zero signal protection circuit, and a variety of abnormal status indicator.


The company provides clip (fixture) with a dynamic analysis chart to ensure the reliability of the experiment.


The machine can perform IEC 60068-2-6, 34; ISTA; MIL-STD-810E, 202F, 1344F, ASTM; EIARS-364-28F; JIS D1601; SAE; CNS-3629.

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