VS-16000VH Vibration Test Equipment

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Vibration test equipment: test by the digital controller to control the power amplifier to drive 160KN vibrator, the test object locked & fixed to the top of the table, and through the vertical platform or horizontal slide undergo separately up and down, back & forth, around the three-axis vibration test.


For The composite vibration test, we can proceed with our unique technology and design of the combination of temperature box and vibration machine.


Maximum force 160KN
Inner box 100 (W) * 85 (D) * 100 (H) cm
Resonant frequency 500Hz or more
Horizontal slide 200 * 200cm 690Kg
Vertical platform 150 * 150cm 600Kg
Maximum acceleration 100G
Maximum speed 2.0m / s (peak)
Maximum displacement 76mm (peak)
Frequency range 1-2100Hz
Temperature range -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃