Image Automatically Measuring Software

Image Automatically Measuring Software

The Image Automatically Measuring Software, which we bring to you stands out of all others on counts of longevity and reliability. We are a top-notch Manufacturer and Supplier of Image Automatically Measuring Software from Malaysia. We offer the Automatic Measuring Software at the cost-effective prices, Place the order and get to know!

More about Image Automatically Measuring Software :

  • The measurement and control of the tester system is to use high resolution image device, display the indentation clearly on the computer screen. Through the software for signal conversion, it automatically measures the hardness value of indentation. By designated and continuous testing process, it can draw the depth and gradient curve diagram. It is supported for WIN9X, WIN7, WIN2000, WINXP operating system. The micro Vickers, Knoop and carburizing layer can be tested. Hardness value can be carried out various forms of automatic conversion. You can choose high or low magnification objective lens according to your need. Image definition: > 540lines. It can regulate the contrast and brightness of the image, can respectively open, store or print the image files and data files. You can view the data files and image files any time, and print the data files by the form of tables and curves. The computer automatic measurement system can also be connected with our company's manufacturing DHV-1000, XHV-1000, MHV-1000 and HVS-5/10/30/50 types of digital   Micro / Vickers hardness testers. This instrument besides the original instrument configuration also equips with special nozzle, a CCD camera, computer, printer, image acquisition card, image test software, encryption locks.


  • It can be used for the continuous experiment of continuous indentation reading after continuous loading, and can be carried out consecutive trials in each loading and each indentation reading. It is equipped with a CCD camera and video lines easy to observe, and can directly observe and measure the indentation on the display, and it has high accuracy for mouse control. For test conditions of setting, the results can be clearly and conveniently operated and displayed. By measuring software, it is conveniently operated through the computer, and can achieve a single point measurement and random multipoint measurement, data statistical measurement, arbitrary two-point or multipoint measurement for the spacing layer depth. It can be measured along the X or Y two direction, automatically carry out the calculation of infiltration depth, statistical calculations, conversion, display curve, judging whether qualified according to user input decision value ( such as 550). It is also capable of measuring length and angle of the parts and graphic preservation or printing. It can be used as a small-sized projector.

CCD Automatically Measuring Configuration is as follows :

  • Halcon image capture card : one
  • Computer : Lenovo; Hard disk: 160G; Memory: 1G; 19 inch LCD screen (Wide screen); (HP or Lenovo) color ink jet printer: one Hardware key : one
  • Camera device : one
  • Measuring software (Chinese or English) : one
  • 1.5× adapter : one

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