HS PA20-F Phased Array Ultrasonic Detector

HS PA20-F Phased Array Ultrasonic Detector


Resolution 1024*768
Data storage Integrated 32GB , external USB drive can be stored directly
Extended Port USB2.0×2, 100M/1000M LAN×1, VGA×1
Encoder Port 1 (Support two encoder connections)
Alarm 1
Working temperature 0 - 40℃
Storage temperature -20℃ - 65℃
Power Supply Mode AC220 DC15V AC adapter, 11.1V Lithium battery
Working hours 4 hours (Single Battery)
Size 340×290×105 (mm)
Weight 4.7Kg (Battery included)

Ultrasonic phased array is a combination of ultrasonic probe chip, arranged by a number of piezoelectric chip according to a certain regular distribution, and then sequentially by a predetermined delay time to stimulate the various wafers, all the ultrasonic waves emitted by the chip to form a whole wavefront, in order to achieve beam displacement, beam deflection and beam focusing and other characteristics, to achieve a variety of testing purposes.

Ultrasonic phased array technology has nearly 20 years of development history. Early mainly used in the medical field. Initially, the complexity of the system, the complexity of the wave propagation in solids, and the high cost of cost make it limited for use in industrial non-destructive testing. However, with the rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, ultrasonic phased array technology is gradually applied to various industries such as industrial non-destructive testing, boilers, pressure vessels, railways, aerospace, petroleum and petrochemicals, electric power and universities.


  • 128 Receive /64transmit channel phased array, digital to analog conversion support concurrent 64-channel operation, real-time phase control
  • Combined Phased array, TOFD, A-Scan into one unit, key switch and free verification. easy to detect flaws
  • Brand new procedural operation mode, easy to learn and use, easy to generate curve.
  • The simulation function of multiple workpiece structure, make defect display intuitive and clear. (Use for detection for flat weld, "T" type weld, fillet weld, pipe welding, forging, metal plate, shaft, wheel rims and other workpieces)
  • The simulation function of CAD Import of weld model.
  • Integrated the function of sector scan flip welding seam
  • Support for linear scanning, serial scan, sector scan, dual crystal scan (one sending, one receiving) scan, two-dimensional focusing scan and other scan modes;
  • Coupling monitoring function
  • Set display function of C-scan area
  • Up to 60Hz display refresh rate, better graphic dynamic effect
  • Full angle DAC curve generating and dB correction function.
  • Entirely dynamic focusing makes performance better.
  • Automatic alarm function for high gate and sound path gate, more efficient defect identification.
  • Support the function of the full trip scan and record of encoder

Phased Array Function Parameter

  • The number of element - 64/128
  • Bandwidth - 0.5-15MHz (-3dB)
  • Digital frequency - 100MHz 8bit
  • Digital sampling point - 8192
  • Digital smoothing average - 16
  • S-scan harness- 256
  • Repetition frequency - 1.0KHz-5.0KHz
  • Display refresh rate - Up to60Hz
  • Delay line precision - 2.5ns
  • Detection mode - Positive detection, negative detection, full detection, radio frequency
  • Launch delay range - 0-20us
  • Transmitting voltage - 50V-100V
  • Pulse width - 30ns-500ns (step10ns)
  • Pulse transmit mode - Negative square wave
  • Gain range - Analog gain0 - 80 dB
  • Digital gain - 0 - 30 dB
  • Gain stepping - Analog gain 0.1 dB, digital gain 6 dB
  • DAC - 16 point
  • TCG - 16point
  • Focusing - Transmit single point focusing and receive dynamic focusing
  • Scanning image - A/C/D/S/L

TOFD Module parameters

  • Bandwidth - 0.5-15MHz (-3dB)
  • Digital frequency - 100MHz 10bit
  • Digital sampling point - 1024
  • Digital averaging - 16
  • Repetition frequency -100Hz-1KHz
  • Display refresh rate - Up to 60Hz
  • Detection mode -  Positive detection, negative detection, full detection, radio wave
  • Transmitting voltage - 50V-350V
  • Pulse width - 30ns-500ns,  (step 10ns)
  • Impedance matching - 25Ω-500Ω
  • Pulse excitation mode - Negative square wave
  • Gain range - 110 dB, Minimum adjustment precision 0.1 dB

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