HS 700 Portable Ultrasonic Detector

HS 700 Portable Ultrasonic Detector


Phase 1phase,3phase
Pulse Front <10 ns
Pulse Width 50 ns-500ns continuously adjustable
Impedance Matching 50Ω /500Ω adjustable
Sampling Frequency/Digits 400MHz/10bits
Sampling Depth 512
Repetition Frequency 15-1000Hz adjustable
Curve detection mode Digital
Precision of Attenuator <+1dB/12dB
Gain Range 0dB - 120dB
Sound Velocity Range 300~20000 m/s
Dynamic Range ≥30dB
Signal Bandwidth 0.5MHz - 25MHz
Vertical Linearity error ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity ≤0.3%
Resolution >36dB
Surplus Sensitivity >60dB(depth 200mmΦ2 flat-bottom hole)
Output WIFI USB2.0 VGA
Control Front panel sealed keyboard, shuttle, and touch screen
Size 266×164×45 mm including battery
Power Supply and Voltage Lithium Battery 8.4v10Ah continuously work for 8 hours
Environment Temperature (-10-40)℃ (reference value)
Relative Humidity (20-95)%RH
Weight About 1.5kg including battery

HS 700 Portable Ultrasonic Detector is a 400MHz hardware sampling frequency, with a higher degree of waveform reduction. It can connect to the Internet through WIFI to achieve cloud detection, GSM positioning, remote real-time positioning via mobile phone APP, resistive touch screen, oil-proof and waterproof. Touch sensitive, touch-screenable instrument with B-scan detection function.


  • 400Mhz sampling frequency Higher reduction degree
  • Connect to Internet through WIFI , reach the cloud detection
  • GSM Global Positioning , capable of real-time positioning by mobile phone APP
  • Resistive touch screen, resistant of water and oil, sensitive touch
  • With encoder B scan detection function


Technical parameters

  • Transmit Pulse voltage
  • Curve Display Mode Radio-frequency wave, wave demodulation (whole wave, negative and positive half wave demodulation)
  • Display Screen : Highlight true color 640×480 Daylight readable LCD, Maximum A scan size  115.2×86.4 mm

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