Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental Test Chamber


Usage Temperture Humidity Testing, Labouratory Use
Inner chamber size 500*750*600
Humidity range 20%-98% RH
Warranty Free parts warranty for 12 months
Customization Available

Product Model: can be used with any dynamic vibration testing machine, according to the required operating space design.


High temperature or low temperature that causes the material characteristic of the specimen changes, may increase the vibration environment encountered when the incidence of functional degradation. If only a temporary variation occurs, temperature and vibration must be applied at the same time to obtain information about the degradation of such function.


Temperature extremes cause the resonance frequency drift of the specimen, which may lead to the vibration response of the specimen to magnify. Therefore, the temperature effect is especially important, and the environmental test of temperature, humidity and vibration is widely used.


This equipment system adopts the independent type, the vibration control system, the constant temperature and the constant humidity control system, may separately to the vibration, the high temperature, the low temperature, the temperature humidity individual test, or the union test. A need for a vibration machine can refer to the category of vibration machine introduction, and the machine can be designed with temperature and humidity box control.

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