Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150A)

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150A)

The Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150A) that we bring to you is sturdy in construction and perfect when it comes to performance. Because of its reasonable prices and longer functional life, it is comprehensively in demand.

More about Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150A) :

  • The hardness is one of the important criteria of the mechanical functions of the materials, and the hardness test is the important means to judge the quality of the metallic materials or parts, As the metallic hardness ha mutual correspondent relations with other mechanical functions, the majority of the metallic materials can calculate the other mechanical functions such as the strength, the fatigue, the evolutionary change and the degree of being worn out can be approximately inferred from the hardness shown by the test.
  • The manual Rockwell hardness fester is a popularly-used hardness testing instrument to measure the Rockwell hardness of the materials. The speed of loading the test force is regulated by the buffer whereas the change of the test force is made by rotating the carriage-changing hand-wheel. The operation of the present instrument is simple, its functions are stable, and its use is, therefore, widely spread.

Technical Specifications :

  • The initial test force : 98.07N(10kg)
  • The Total Test force : 588.4N(60kg),  980.7N(100kg),  1471N(150kg)
  • The specifications of the indenter
  • Diamond Rockwell indenter
  • Ball indenter â®1.588mm
  • Rockwell hardness testing range : (20~88) HRAï¼(20~100) HRBï¼(20~70) HRC
  • The max height of the specimens : 170mm
  • The distance from the center of the indenter to the instrument body : 165mm
  • Overall dimension : 463×241 ×660mm
  • The total weight : 78kg

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